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Wordscapes® Writing Resume Service in Calgary with 33 years of

professional resume writing experience in all business sectors.

Who is Wordscapes®? Wordscapes® is a professional resume writing service in Calgary with over 33 years serving all employment and market sectors. This clearly places us as one of the most experienced resume writing companies in the world. Our network of contacts, associates, resources and clients is extensive, which enables our company to remain current with the constantly evolving psychology and protocols of human resource management. As an extremely experienced resume company, we are very familiar with the history and trends of resumes, and through our consultation services we are able to protect our clients from poor counsel relating to resume and job search techniques. What makes Wordscapes® different from other resume writing companies? Wordscapes® is one of the few resume companies that actually "writes" your resume from start to finish. Most other resume companies require you to already have your resume composed and designed, which they "jazz up" (while adding their own errors) by data-entering what you give them into a laser printer - all under the guise of a resume. This is not a quality service. Anyone can prepare a resume this way. We go far beyond just "jazzing up" your resume. We compose and design your entire package from the ground up. The staff at Wordscapes® have backgrounds in graphic and web page design, web site construction, lithographing, broadcasting, copy writing, business and human resource management, computers, sound and music production, marketing and advertising. We bring our cross-skills and knowledge of these sectors into "our arena" to build a comprehensive and distinctively unique presentation for our clients by ferreting out their cross-skills when preparing their profiles. All resume packages include a thorough 1 hour interview, consultation, customer proof (allowing the client to make final adjustments to the resume before printing), PDF/WORD electronic files, laser prints and over 33 years of professional resume writing experience with proven results. We provide you with a No Risk Guarantee of total product satisfaction and a complete workmanship guarantee of quality. Then we keep your resume on file for future updates at far less costs and time.

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Wordscapes® Professional Resume Writing Service in Calgary