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  Basic Brain Care Tips  
Vell hello helplesses,

I am back to offer you some more help in getting through (or over - oops) ziss terrifying life. Firstly, being za Brain Care Specialist I am always asked about basic brain care. Ziss is lucky for me. I cannot discuss kidney care or how to look after za liver. But brains, ya ziss area I can discuss.

Mostly Brain care is useful and practical advise on looking after za noggin. It is not a good idea valking under large heavy objects being raised by cranes. Running around carrying hard pointed objects is not either recommended unless we are desiring some sort of amateur lobotomy. Helmets iss good, but zey are not too cool eh? Especially on za hot day. Vat about zose cellular telephones? Vell zey work on za microwaves no? But such tiny amounts iss not a problem says industry. Of course zose who are confident zat zese devises are harmless are also zose who vant to sell zem to you. Ziss is a bit of a conflict. Let me illustrate ziss situation for you.

You know of ze Slow cookers? Yah zese gizmos will cook your supper mitt very low heat over about 6 hours time. Za temperature zey use iss about 180 degrees farenheit. A very low temperature for sure, but over za time zey get za supper done. Note please zat zis is za same temperature of a Sauna bath. For health ve sit inside for about 15 minutes for a little sweat. Vell think then zat a cellular is like a slow cooker. It is usually sitting right up beside za brain. Over za years ziss small radiation vill probably add up, no? Micro vaves iss micro vaves, big or small. Vell funseekers, it is YOUR brain. Do as you like, but remember za sauna analogy and hope zat za brain vorks vell as cooked meat. It might. Lets just wait und see.

Do you vork around some fumes. Do you know vat the long term effect of zese fumes is? Neither do I. But could it be good? So now ve are looking at damage of another sort. Vat about za car exhaust zat is everywhere. Same story. Ve just do not know vat zis will cause. Yet. But maybe some cancer deaths are caused by ziss and who vould know? Even cooking smells could have some implications we cannot guess at. If everybody is doing it ve have no control model to evaluate possible dangers.

Speculation is a dangerous sliding slope of depressing possibilities. Take za loud Rock and Roll music for example. Does it cause people to become brain dead and wear funny clothes, get zere bodies pierced, tatoos and not vork in za bank? Ve just don’t know ze answer to it. But hey, vatch out for za tattoos to start showing up in za banks if zey do not fire all za humans in favor of za dreaded bank machine. Za trouble with zese things is zat it takes decades for us to connect a dots. Look at za poor Firefighters. Heroes for years and somebody finally decides to examine satistical cancer deaths, and whoa, suddenly ve are finding out zat za fumes of burning modern materials is dangerous. Vat a drag!

Look carefully at your life funseeker. Do you see or suspect some dangers zere, vich look innocent but vich might not be? Of course you do. You know, I can vork a miracle on za brain vich is having some data delivery troubles from every day thinking, but ziss stuff is out of my league.

Science is every day busy away finding out all kinds of harms from simple every day stuff. Are ve doomed? Vell probably. Vat ziss colum is about is vat to do in the meantime. Meantime if you are finding some problems coping mit za stress of vork and revelations about life’s never ending cavalcade of social and environmental deteriorations, just make an appointment with Me.(oops I mean me. Talking with Gott has got me acting a bit weird.) Yes, I can help you sort out just vat to vorry about, or send you off not worrying about anything. Sound good? You bet.

Until next time. Never pet a burning dog, never walk on a burning log. Good advice till it hurts.

Your Dr. Dag Halfredt

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